We live in an era of technology and that doesn’t only apply to our electronics. Modern medicine has worked extensively to find solutions to common aging problems like wrinkles. Gone are the days of having to age gracefully. Now we can reverse some of the signs and in some instances even prevent them. Botox has become a solution for many people to treat unwanted wrinkles and help stave off the look of getting older. Your Austin medical spa is a good resource for information about botox Austin Texas treatment. Visit them to find out if the procedure is right for you.

What is Botox?

Botox is a medicine that’s injected into the muscle where lines and wrinkles form. Common areas are frown lines around the mouth and between the eyebrows. It works by blocking the nerves that stimulate muscles and inhibits their movement. It’s a temporary treatment that can last up to 4 months.

Who Should use Botox?

Botox is suggested for people from 18-65 who want to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. If you’re looking to refresh your face and appear more youthful, this may be your answer. Some studies show that Botox can be used as a preemptive strike by limiting the ability of the muscles in the face to create wrinkles through frowning and smiling.

Who Should Avoid Botox?

If you have a medical condition that affects your muscles you should not use Botox. If your skin is already infected or you have a predisposition to skin allergies, inform your doctor. Anyone with breathing or swallowing problems is not a good candidate. If you are pregnant or nursing, you are not a candidate for Botox. Discuss your medical history with your doctor to help prevent any potential problems.

Botox Treatment Process

Once you’ve had a consultation with a doctor to determine that Botox is a good solution for you, you’ll be ready to have the drug administered. Botox is transferred through a series of small injections to the area that’s being treated. While no anesthesia is necessary, your doctor may use a numbing cream to help eliminate the sting. The whole treatment takes about 10 minutes and there is no down time. You’ll begin to see the results within days and can expect to need to repeat the process after about 4 months.

For the best results, make sure that your doctor is experienced with Botox and is familiar with its administration. It’s also important to know what Botox will and won’t do, so that the proper expectations are set prior to the treatment.

Side Effects of Botox

Side effects can vary from mild to life threatening. The injection site might become irritated or painful and there is a chance of bruising. There is also a chance of headaches, tiredness or dry mouth. More serious side effects can be the result of an allergic reaction or other conflicting medical condition. If you have trouble breathing or experience blurred vision, consult your doctor immediately.

Botox Safety

Safety comes first. As with any medical procedure, you should get all the facts before making a decision. Make sure to tell your doctor about any medications you may be taking. Also, inform them of any medical conditions you may have. Open lines of communication between doctor and patient can help reduce risk and make sure you’re proceeding with caution. It can also help reduce side effects.

Cost of Botox

The cost of Botox can vary depending on the amount of treatment and the doctor you use. On average, Botox costs about $400 per dose. Your medical spa professional can give you more details and explain the costs.

Botox Client Testimonials

Many clients report positive results with Botox. The pain is tolerable and quick for most, making the results worth the price. Patients experience a renewed and refreshed look. The common fear that people will lose their ability to make expressions isn’t actually the case. Clients that took the time to see a doctor’s work and alleviate their fears through a consultation have the most positive results. Referrals from friends are the best way to see results and find a doctor you can trust.

Botox Maintenance

Once you’ve received your initial treatment, you can expect follow up treatments every 4 months to maintain the look. The results will appear within 5 day and gradually wear off. You can discuss a maintenance plan with your doctor and decide how often you want to repeat the process.

Where to go for Botox Treatment

Since Botox is a prescription medication, it needs to be administered by a physician. Your Westlake medical spa is a good resource for all your Botox needs. You’ll have the opportunity to better educate yourself about the procedure and you have a chance to get all your questions answered.

Finding an experienced doctor to administer Botox and permanent hair removal will be your key to success and will help ensure that you’re satisfied with the results.

Botox and the Aging Process

Botox can help reverse some of the signs of aging by restoring the look of firm, wrinkle-free skin. While you’ll still have a natural look, you’ll appear more refreshed and alert. The frown lines will smooth out and revert back to younger looking skin.

We are fortunate to live in a time when we have the ability to reverse and combat the aging process. Botox is one tool in our arsenal of treatments. Use it to boost your self confidence and make you feel more like your youthful self. A blue peel in Austin TX can shave years off of your face.

If you start by getting all the facts, you’ll be in a better position to make an informed decision that will lead to favorable results. Rely on your Texas medical spa to be the Botox expert and to alleviate your concerns. Ask them about a photofacial Round Rock. A laser facial spa in Cedar Park TX can point you in the right direction when it comes to this procedure.

If Botox is something that you’ve been considering, there’s no better time than the present to discover if it will work for you. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment today. When you call be sure to ask about spray tanning. Also be sure to use something like glominerals to enhance your tan.

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About the Author: Roxanne Jones has written extensively about the medical spa industry and enjoys informing consumers about the many options in this field