Medical Weight Loss

If you’ve tried everything to lose weight and can’t figure the problem out, it might be time for a visit to a medical spa to discuss smartlipo Austin. Finding the right program can help you lose weight and feel better about yourself. You may find that it’s just the method you need to reach your goals. Ask them about other procedures like dot therapy recovery and cheap botox.

What is Medical Weight Loss?

Medical weight loss is a diet and exercise program that is supervised by a medical team. They can help you with hormone replacement and med spa services. It can help determine the root cause of your weight problem and the various programs can help address your issues that are causing the problem.

hCG Diet

The hCG diet, which stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a diet that consists of daily injections of the hCG hormone along with a very low calorie diet. The hormone was first discovered through the obesity studies of Dr. A.T.W. Simeons in the mid 50s. The hCG hormone is present in both men and women, but becomes prevalent in pregnant women. During pregnancy hCG controls a woman’s metabolism resulting in the loss of 1000’s of calories a day. The results of the diet can be weight loss of up to 3 lbs. per day.

hCG Diet Guidelines

The hCG diet is in essence, a low carb, high protein diet. Sugar and starch is eliminated in the first 3 weeks and then slowly reintroduced. The staple of the diet is protein along with supplements and a lot of water. The diet is very regimented and must be followed in a particular order. While it’s possible to order what you need online and follow the directions on your own, a weight loss spa will help you stay on track and make sure you’re proceeding in a way that will maximize your efforts.

hCG Diet Recipes

The very low calorie regimen can be hard for some to follow. Many resources are available to help find interesting recipes and way to stay satisfied. Dishes like chicken soup and ceviche are good choices that will have a good amount of flavor while helping you stay on track.

hCG Diet Food Options

If you’re worried about being tempted while food shopping or aren’t sure what to buy, consider a food delivery service to help you narrow down you options. Many diet delivery companies offer foods that are approved for the hCG diet and will help limit your calories while helping you resist temptation.

Candidates for the hCG Diet

The ideal candidate is someone who is very overweight and is ready to do something about it. A center for medical weight loss can help determine if a person is a good candidate. This diet is very restrictive and requires participants who are committed and determined to follow the specific directions. This is not a quick fix, but a lifestyle change that is meant to change a person’s metabolism over time. Pregnant or nursing women are not good candidates for this diet. Consult your local Austin medical spa for more details and an evaluation.

Side Effects of the hCG Diet

Side effects are rarely found with the hCG diet. The amount of hCG being given isn’t enough to cause too many symptoms. As with most diets, people may feel fatigue or irritability. These are normal and should subside as the diet progresses. If you have other side effects or don’t feel well, consult the medical weight loss spa for help and guidance.

hCG Diet Pointers

Since you’ll be seriously restricting your calories, you’ll want to make sure that your body continues to get the nutrients it needs. Even though you’ll be taking a slew of supplements, here are some pointers to help make the process easier.

• Drink plenty of water, tea and other non-caloric liquids. These help keep you hydrated while they fill up your stomach.
• Maintain an exercise program. Exercise helps boost the metabolism and keeps the heart healthy. You may not be up to vigorous work-outs, but shoot for 30 minutes a day of heart rate elevating activity.
• Keep you fiber intake up. Since you’ll be restricting carbs and fruits, you’ll need to find other sources of fiber to keep you body regular.
• Take advantage of the counseling programs that the medical spa has to offer. One of the benefits of medical weight loss is the ability to have support while you make these drastic changes.

hCG Supplies

The array of supplements and supplies you’ll need are available at your medical spa. They are the best source for making sure you get the proper dose of the things you need. Make sure to follow the directions exactly and stay on track. Ensure that you are using the products in the order assigned. An alternative therapy to hcg is smart lipo Austin.

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