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Neck Traction: A Helping Hand for Better Posture

It used to be that when one spoke of a neck injury, the image of a big bulky neck brace and a courtroom would be conjured. But, that is not the case, so much anymore as things like fibromyalgia Austin Tx and failed back surgery syndrome come to mind. The neck is reportedly, now, the second most sighted point of pain. It comes in just behind the lower back and hip region. A major reason for this is thought to be the new reliance on computers in the workplace. More and more of our nation’s workforce are spending forty hours or more of their week seated at a desk hunched over the computer. The result is something referred to as forward head posture, which essentially mean exactly what the name insinuates, that the head sits further forward than it should. From a profile view, a person with forward head posture is seen to carry his or her head slightly in front of the center line of the body. This causes the necks muscles, which are intended for minute work- stabilization and movement- to carry the weight of the head throughout the day. Many people with this condition have neck stiffness and pain on a regular basis. Worse cases also experience muscle spasm, disc thinning, bone spurs, reduced range of motion, or severe headaches.

To counteract some of the effects of this condition which is also associated with headaches and should be seen by a migraine specialist, several Americans have resorted to something called traction, which can be a highly effective form of stretching and realigning the spine. Many specialists, such as physical therapists have use neck and back traction units for years to help pain sufferers. But, more recently, there have been new models designed for use in the home. For neck pain and back pain sufferers there are three different options available. The first is an air filled alternative. As the neck brace fills with air, it gently lifts the head back to the correct position- directly over the shoulders- lifting it slightly to stretch and remove pressure that has been placed on the joints, this can also help sciatica. These systems are readily available to the public and cost in the neighborhood of fifty dollars. There is also another design- called the Overdoor Neck Traction, for obvious reason-which uses a strap about the chin and a pulley system to achieve the same basic principle, though it should be noted that this system will not restore the proper posture to the neck- it just stretches and provides temporary relief for compressed joints. Many people also don’t realize that you can use Botox pinched nerve help. Finally, the ComforTrac system does something along the same lines while the sufferer is in a lying position. This system comes in at a much higher price and again will not provide posture correction.

Each of these systems can provide relief to neck pain sufferers but you also should consider aneural scan to better diagnose your issue. Which is a noteworthy prospect, but it is also important to mention that neck problems should be addressed by a trained specialist like the cancer pain treatment doctors at Interventional Pain Associates a austin pain management clinic, so pain treatment is not done that could unintentionally cause further harm. They are also familiar with the racz proceedure. Plus, these trained men and women may be able to offer the non evasive or minimally invasive treatments that would relieve pain for the rest of the person’s life.

About the Author: Karen Prior has written extensively about the pain management industry and works hard to keep patients informed about the newest developments in pain management